Eddie Murphy Was Humiliated By Mike Tyson

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson had dominated back in the 80s. He had also formed relationships with some of the most prominent celebrities. However, it has been noted that according to ‘Iron Mike’ there was one star who was a league above the rest.



Mike Tyson talks about Eddie Murphy

On the latest episode of his podcast Hotboxin, Tyson admitted that legendary comedian and actor Eddie Murphy had an impact on pop culture like no other that came before him. Murphy rose to prominence following the release of the film ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, which was his first solo leading role.

The former heavyweight champion stated that it would be hard for today’s generation to understand the magnitude of Murphy’s impact during the 80s. This came after comedian Bill Bellamy was touting Murphy as his inspiration to pursue comedy.

“Listen Eddie Murphy people will never know the magnitude of how big he was in the 80s,” said Tyson.

This was certainly some high praise from ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ although he deserves every ounce of praise for his achievements. However, this was a little surprising given that Tyson once dragged the legendary comedian off stage during an award show ceremony.

It has been noted that the two legends shared the stage for an award show ceremony where Murphy was the host. Tyson would then be called to give away an award and went on to praise singer Sammy Davis Jr.

“Stay tuned for more of the Sammy Davis Jr. Tribute honoring the one heavyweight I would never dare to step into the ring with. Sammy you’re truly the undefeated champion.” said Tyson.

However, Murphy would then try to mock Tyson for his lips and even went on to impersonate the former champion.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen Sammy I would like,” he said trying to mimic Tyson.

This led to Tyson then converting Murphy’s mouth before he could complete his sentence and drag him off stage. This was an embarrassing moment for ‘Iron Mike’ which he might have forgotten by now given his recent comments.

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