Edge and Christian talk about Lashley vs Reigns at Monday Night Raw

Whether you’re a fan of either man or not, nobody wanted to see Roman Reigns or Bobby Lashley face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. After Extreme Rules, the two big men won triple threat matches, advancing them closer to a shot at the Universal Title.



Once Lashley and Reigns were set to face off one more time in a rematch of their PPV bout, it was easy to tell who would come out on top. While the juggernauts went back and forth, trading slams and fists, we all knew the Big Dog would defeat the Dominator. However, it wasn’t a bad match in any case. In fact, both matches that Reigns and Lashley have had have been pretty entertaining, and that’s something Edge and Christian have agreed on.

On a recent episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, Christian and Edge went over the match, admitting that it was a very good fight, even if both men have their flaws.

Christian: I saw it, and it was pretty damn good. That’s the thing, and we’ve talked about it before, Roman Reigns gets a bad rap of being pushed down our throats and blah, blah, blah. What it boils down to is…the dude can f***ing go.

Even Lashley, he’s improved so much since his time away from WWE and since he’s come back. I think he’s one of these guys, as far as personality goes, I think there’s a lot of room to grow and that sort of thing. That’s all comfort level too, as far as coming back and getting your feet wet. As far as the in-ring performance stuff goes, the dude is on point.

That match was the main event of any major PPV, and it would’ve blown the doors off the place. They built the match so good, they had so much time. I loved the story, especially with the story of Lashley beating him clean at the PPV previous to that, and then this match Roman gets the win back. I get why it’s the cool thing to hate Roman and this and that, but what it boils down to is…It doesn’t matter at this point whether he’s booed or cheered. People are invested in him whether they hate him or love him. They react to him, and the dude’s f***ing good, so whatever.

Edge: I just don’t buy that he can be mean. When he sets up for anything, I don’t believe it. When I look at him…wow. Then I look at his face and I don’t buy it. I know that sounds like a knock, and Bobby’s a great guy.

But that, to me, has always been the missing ingredient. It’s just that level of, ‘mmm…I don’t really feel like  you want to tear this person’s head off.’ That’s also the knock on Reigns sometimes, too.

For the majority of the situation, it’s not Reigns’ body of work that gets him a bad rap, but the push he’s received. However, does Edge have a point regarding believability?

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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