Edge Announces Tragic News In Sad Photo

Edge has announced tragic news to WWE fans on Instagram, “Yesterday morning we had to say good bye to my best bud, Tundra. If you’ve followed this page you know what he meant to us. What he meant to our family and our home. He made it…warmer. More full. His energy was peaceful even though when you first took a look at him you might want to turn the other way. But then he’d start doing this canter like a horse, gallop up, probably sniff your crotch, kiss you, and then sing to you as only a husky can.



We hiked. We biked. We ran. We cuddled. Every night. My nightly routine ended just lying with him. Talking to him. His soul was gentle and he put me at peace before bed. I haven’t had that peace in two days. I know it will come back. But never be the same. He was the guardian Angel of Beth, Lyric and Ruby. The girls don’t know life without him. When I left for the road he slept in the landing between all of their rooms.

Just making sure. He’d sit at the kitchen doors waiting for me to pull up back home. And then “yell” at me, again as only a husky can. Throughout the years he became a bit of a rock star. With his one blue, one brown eye. Always featured in any Edge documentary that was filmed. Or his cameo during Seth Rollins Copeland home invasion. Just chillin in the background. Pretty sure he thought, “ok, he’s got a man bun, beard, horrible dancer, loud and obnoxious. Gotta be dads buddy, this checks out”. Once while out hiking I almost fell into a gorge. About a 100 foot drop.

Just not paying proper attention and took a bad turn. I was on my stomach, crawling pretty desperately to get back to the flat ground. He was smart enough not to follow. Until he saw where I was and he scrambled down to tug on my shirt to help me. I’m still here, so his pulling worked. But he’s not. And that doesn’t seem fair. He lived in a special place in our hearts. He always will. Good night wolf boy. Love you.”

WWE has a reputation of making some last-minute changes to the plans. They yet again made another quick change of plans before the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown. The ongoing feud between Sasha Banks & Naomi and Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan has been quite competitive and that kickstarted after WrestleMania.

WWE made some changes

Banks and Naomi were originally scheduled to defend the titles against Ripley and Morgan on the April 11 episode of Monday Night Raw. That match was scheduled despite Banks and Naomi defeating Liv and Rhea the previous week in a championship contenders match. However, the match never took place.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has reported that another change was made in the moments leading up to last night’s SmackDown air time. While fans saw Naomi take on Rhea Ripley to further the title feud, that was not the original plan. Sasha Banks was supposed to be the one to face Rhea.

“Sasha Banks was originally scheduled to face Rhea Ripley internally by WWE as late as 7 PM EST”

There is no word on why the match was changed. Previously, it was noted on commentary that Ripley was off tonight’s RAW due to being “in protocol”. WWE then announced the title match for next week’s RAW. ‘The Nightmare’ had also missed Friday’s SmackDown as Morgan defeated Banks in singles action. Ripley did wrestle on Monday on the post-WrestleMania 38 RAW as she and Liv took a loss to Banks and Naomi in a non-title Championship Contender’s match. They were still granted a title shot after Ripley went to Adam Pearce. Ripley has not commented on her absence.

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