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Edge believes WWE should pull the trigger on a Becky Lynch title reign

Edge-SmackDown 1000

Becky Lynch received a lot of praise from people all around the world for her performance in the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. The Lasskicker received a phenomenal reaction from the crowd in Chicago and she truly was the star of the night. However, Lynch came up short and the match was won by her old enemy, Alexa Bliss.

Lynch’s positioning on the card has been a topic of discussion lately. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion clearly is a fan-favourite in every possible scenario. Sadly, the higher ups of the WWE have been neglecting her appeal to the fans.

On the most recent edition of E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness, WWE Hall of Famer Edge talked about Lynch. Here’s what he had to say about the Lasskicker:

“Every time Becky Lynch touched that ladder, the audience clearly let everyone know who they wanted to win that match. At some point, someone has to look at that and go, ‘Hmm, man, they want this’,” said the Hall of Famer. “And there’s only so long that you can keep turning your head on it. When you see an entire audience rise every time that performer starts to climb, they’re sending you a message. And it’s similar to the message that got sent with Daniel Bryan and it’s similar to whatever over the years. For whatever reason, the people are invested in Becky Lynch and they feel like she’s one of them I think.”

Edge continued by saying that it’s time for WWE to pull the trigger on a Lynch title reign.

“You know you gotta pull that trigger at some point and I know she’s been champion and all of this things. But it never really got the fair shake that I think people want to see her get.”

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Bog standard WWE: it’s who the fans want but not who THEY want

  • Kristopher Robinson

    No, she definitely has. But I dont think I’ve ever heard Edge talk about her. It’s amazing that hes just now seemed to notice her.

  • Stupid WWE

    Thank Dunn. He’s the reason you never hear her speak and rarely hear anything from Cesaro or Sheamus. He hates accents. I hate his face. I don’t want Vince to die anytime soon, but that’s the only way that piece of crap Dunn will be gone from the company short of his own demise.

  • CC

    Of the four horsewomen, she is easily the best all rounder. She can wrestle, cut a promo and is naturally funny. Head and shoulders above Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha, but for whatever reason, WWE just cannot seem to use her correctly. She is almost like the forgotten member.

  • CC

    So she has never had another great match then?

  • MindTricked

    It’s crazy – she was the first Smackdown Women’s champ and I swear that, after she lost it, she was forever OUT of the title picture. It’s a shame – she’s over with the crowd, money in the ring, and has decent mic skills – there’s really no reason why she shouldn’t be involved in a major program and/or getting title shots. Creative and the Powers That Be continue to baffle me.

  • d

    And Bliss. she’s already a 5 time Champion in 2 years time

  • Stupid WWE

    WWE doesn’t want to do anything with any of the women except Ronda and flair, that’s why the Iiconics are a joke, Asuka is getting pinned clean by Carmella, and Banks and Bayley are in a never ending non-feud.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Agreed. However I dont think that one match should dictate, her getting a title reign .