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Did Edge, Christian and Daniel Bryan Help RAW Viewership for the Final Show of 2014?

– Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, the final show of 2014 with Edge and Christian running the show and a big tease from Daniel Bryan for the final hour, drew 3.459 million viewers, down from last week’s 3.631 million viewers.

For this week’s show, the first hour drew 3.174 million viewers, the second hour drew 3.476 million viewers and the final hour drew 3.726 million viewers.

RAW was second on cable behind college football, which drew over 10 million viewers.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I 100% agree. Even though they’re both “injured”, it would have been nice to seen them get a little physical. I think they made both of them look very weak, especially Edge and that sucks. These guest hosts are really getting dumb and are becoming more and more useless. And you’d figure since the Authority was put back into “power”, they would have at least showed up at Smackdown. That story seemed very rushed, they brought those two back way to fast.

  • drew

    I am with you on that, you could even seen in Edge’s face he was pissed the whole time

  • TheFizPop

    I thought E&C were wasted really, they never really got to do anything fun, even with no authority in place. For a filler between xmas and new years, you’d have thought they’d have done fun segments.