Edge & Christian Rumored WWE PPV Match Leaks

On the latest episode of the “Nitty Gritty Dirt Show” on RussosBrand.com, host Billi Bhatti and former WWE writer Vince Russo, discussed how the current plan is to go have a planned Edge and Christian Vs. The Miz and John Morrison match at WWE Fastlane. Wrestling-Edge transcribed Bhatti’s comments below. Christian recently detailed being buried by Randy Orton.



Bhatti: Also, the fact that we have an idea here where Edge is set to rescue his opponent which is going to be at this moment in time – McIntyre, from a cash-in by The Miz and John Morrison. This will lead to Edge and Christian vs Miz and Morrison as a match on Fastlane.

In other news concerning one half of the acclaimed Edge and Christian tag team, Christian recently went on WWE’s highly successful program ‘The Bump’ to actually say how much he wants to tag with his old tag team partner and friend again. He told the hosts of that show the following. Edge opened up about Christian’s Royal Rumble return not too long ago.

Christian: “Yeah, that moment where we locked eyes, you know, that smile, this was the spur of the moment stuff,” Christian announced. “It was such a busy day for the both of us that we didn’t have a chance to talk before we went out there.

Christian continued: “This meant more to him than it did for me. He’s always had my back, and he’s always wanted the best for me in my career. He was one of the few who knew the grind – the hours and the time – that I was putting in to get back to this point. There were very few people who knew. He was one of them, obviously. So, I think it meant just as much to him, if not more in a weird way.” Christian and Edge plan to wrestle these surprising WWE tag teams.

Credit to WrestlingInc for the second half of this transcription.

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