Edge Drops Brock Lesnar Surprise Bombshell

Brock Lesnar is undoubtedly one of the most dominant pro wrestlers to have ever competed inside the squared circle. He had two tremendous runs in WWE, both of which resulted in him winning major World Championships and being a huge draw for fans. Brock Lesnar also demanded a WrestleMania match at the last minute. 



WWE Hall Of Famer Edge is certainly familiar with Brock Lesnar. The Rated R Superstar recently spoke to “Brock Lesnar Guy” Michael Corcoran, and the latter asked him an interesting question when it came to WWE storylines being dropped permanently.

Edge was taken out backstage a mystery man at WWE No Way Out 2003 and he was taken off WWE television for over a year. After he returned, there was no mention of the mystery man at all, and Edge revealed plans for a match with Brock Lesnar match were canceled.

Edge revealed that the storyline was cancelled as the company thought no one would remember the storyline in general. It was also going to feature either Brock Lesnar or Chris Benoit as the mystery man.

“Yeah, I think they just dropped it because they didn’t think people would remember and I can’t remember if the plan was either Benoit or Brock. Maybe they were into something else. I don’t fully remember the reasoning.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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