Edge Drops CM Punk Bombshell On Raw

Edge referenced CM Punk calling MJF a ‘less famous Miz’ on AEW Dynamite in his WWE Raw promo on Monday.



Edge told Miz, “You have people on other shows saying your name just to get a cheap reaction. You live rent-free in a lot of heads.”

Edge missed Survivor Series, as did another top WWE star. The WWE fans have noticed that Mustafa Ali was not present at Survivor Series despite WWE needing 25 superstars to fill out Rock’s 25th Anniversary Battle Royal. Some fans were also disappointed with his absence. It has now been revealed that Mustafa Ali was originally scheduled to be at the pay-per-view. WWE Fired Star Reveals When Vince Could Sell

Why was Mustafa Ali absent from Survivor Series?

Fightful Select has reported that Ali has been absent from TV as he is on paternity leave. The SmackDown star recently announced the birth of his third child with his wife Uzma Alam, and the WWE Superstar reportedly requested the WWE for a short break a long time back. Ali welcomed a daughter into the world who has been named Dua.

It is to be cleared that Ali’s hiatus has nothing to do with the vignette he posted a few weeks back regarding a gimmick that WWE had decided to scrap off. WWE sources revealed that Ali had asked for some time off well in advance, and company officials also didn’t delay giving their approval.

While Mustafa Ali was previously slated to appear at Survivor Series, WWE ended up with enough names for the Battle Royal and decided to extend the former Cruiserweight star’s leave.

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