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Edge On Who He Would Have Faced in a Retirement Match

WWE Hall of Famer Edge was recently a guest on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast. You can check out some highlights here:

On if it’s a relief to not wrestle anymore:

“It’s a relief. It is because I knew how I was feeling and I knew how I’d wake up feeling in the morning and all of those things. So it made it easier and it was a bit of relief.”

On who he wanted to face in a retirement match:

“I was already preparing [for retirement]. I really was mentally. I was ready and physically was forcing me to mentally prepare,” Edge recalled. “It was more of a realization, like, okay, mentally, was I tired of travel? Yes, but it was also because physically I was tired of the travel and that lent to the mental tiredness. But it wasn’t like I was like, ‘I’m done. I’m fed up. I can’t stand this anymore.'”

On wanting to have put someone over at No Way Out:

“The way I look at it is I had to retire as world champion with my last match at WrestleMania. Oh, that’s horrible. That sucks! What are you talking about? That’s f–king awesome! Yeah, ah, he wanted to win in his last match! What an asshole! It’s like, no, I just [can’t wrestle anymore]. What do you want me to do? I’d put somebody over. I’ve got no problem.”

On WWE denying him a manager bump:

“Like, ‘if I’m going to show up, at least have me do something’. ‘Nope, you can’t’. ‘Alright, then don’t have me show up because why bother?’ That’s why I’ve kind of really distanced myself even from watching the product too much. It’s like, ‘well, I can’t do it.'” Edge continued, “if you want me to come back and cut a promo on all this stuff, it’s like, I can’t really further stuff along too much because there’s no physical payoff. It’s like nobody’s going to get heat from attacking me because they’re not allowed to attack me.”

On learning to save money:

“Well, I was never stupid with my money because I grew up without it. So when I started to make some, I was like, ‘okay, first rule of thumb, I’m not buying it unless I’ve got the money to buy it’, so I have no debt. I own three homes. I drive a Jeep. I’m cool with that.” Edge continued, “yeah, I mean, you’ve got to learn from [veteran professional wrestlers who have squandered their money]. If you don’t and you put the blinders on, and don’t learn from that, you’re pretty much a dumbass. I mean, I’ve got a watch and that’s it. I do and I drive a Jeep and I’ve got a pickup truck and I’m okay with that. That’s perfect for me. I don’t need anything more.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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  • Symbiote_X

    It was Christian. This was recorded a while ago & Sam just played it cuz he was talking about Daniel Bryan not being able to get physically involved with The Miz cuz of his medical issues.

  • Solid

    So who did he want to face in a retirement match? 😛