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Edge feels that Becky Lynch did not want to become a heel

Becky Lynch had the best run in her career as a heel, where she would capture the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. Except, she kept on getting cheered by fans despite being a heel.

Edge spoke to Inside The Ropes, where he revealed that when he was preparing for the segment between her and Becky Lynch at Smackdown 1000; he felt Becky didn’t want to be a heel at all.

“The sense that I got was that she doesn’t really want to be a heel and I don’t blame her at all. When you listen to that reaction, you should just let that happen. Let it go wherever it wants to go rather than force somebody.”

“People go with Cena, with Reigns, it was forced, it was forced, it was forced — the flipside of that is if you force this thing that’s happening to try and go heel. You run the risk of apathy and no reaction and you don’t want that. And I think she was smart enough to see that could be the case. So I think she wanted to be a heel.”

“I think it’s possible to be a heel in today’s climate, I think a guy like The Miz proves that because he’s extremely unlikable. Becky is extremely likeable and people get that sense. The people have been behind her, she’s kind of been that underdog story and they’ve wanted it.”

Becky might just be the most popular superstar in WWE right now. With her character even being compared to the likes of ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin. She is currently out with an injury she suffered at the hands of Nia Jax. We do hope she recovers soon and can get her revenge on her in a feud.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I mean, the logical conclusion for Becky’s story on Smackdown was to have her persevere, and finally win the title… but at least it seems like she’s embracing her heel character well, and has made the most of it now.

  • MT McGee

    The problem with WWE in both her case and Strowman’s was they turned the number 2 face to have them feud with the number 1 face. A better story is the number one face feuds with the number 2. Otherwise, where’s the believability if you turn number 2? You’ve already positioned that person below someone else, so why are we to believe they stand a credible chance? If you turn your top face, then you have a story where the number 2 has to step up to take down the number 1.