Edge ‘Forced To Retire’ At Major WWE PPV?

Paul Heyman, who is the Special Counsel to the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently opened up on WWE veteran star Edge and claimed that he would retire, thanks to the Tribal Chief at WWE WrestleMania, which is two weeks away.



Paul Heyman warns Edge and Daniel Bryan ahead of WrestleMania

During the latest edition of Talking Smack, he also forewarned Daniel Bryan that Reigns could send him to retirement once again. Both Edge and Daniel Bryan had suffered career threatening neck injuries that shortened their careers and forced them to take early retirement. Here’s how Paul Heyman spoilt a return of WWE star.

However they battled their way out of it and made their comebacks to squared circle retire. Bryan had returned to in-ring action in April 2018, two years after he was forced to retire. Similarly, Edge made his return in January 2020 at Royal Rumble, nine years since retirement.

Paul Heyman said:

“You know, Edge was forced into his retirement once before. What makes you think, if you back Roman Reigns into this corner, that he’s not capable of putting Edge right back into retirement? Daniel Bryan was forced into retirement once before. What makes you think Roman Reigns is not capable of putting Daniel Bryan right back into retirement? Do you think this is your typical Champion? Do you think Roman Reigns is not man enough, is not blatantly savage enough, to take down both Edge and Daniel Bryan and put them back into retirement?”

The latest episode of WWE SmackDown WWE official Adam Pearce considered Daniel Bryan’s proposal of for another shot at the Universal Championship and he announced that the title match at WrestleMania will now be a Triple Threat bout between Reigns, Bryan, and Edge

Paul Heyman also took a shot at Pearce. He said the Triple Threat decision was the worst that any executive has made in the history of sports entertainment.

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