Edge ‘List’ Of NXT Opponents For 2021 Revealed

Triple H confirmed that Edge has had long term plans to come to NXT and wrestle multiple opponents, even compiling a list of who he wants to face. Triple H made the remarks during an NXT conference call. He also said that after training, Brock Lesnar lookalike Parker Boudreax will be trained to wrestle at the NXT training facility.



Sean Ross Sapp tweeted, “Triple H says Edge has been talking to him since before he returned at the 2020 Royal Rumble about coming to NXT and performing, and listed people he wanted to work with and wants to put over young talent.”

“Triple H says Parker Boudreaux looks like Brock Lesnar, but he’s gotta be trained and has to be safe before they can even think about what they’re doing with him.”

“Triple H says Bronson Rechsteiner, Rick Steiner’s son, is ‘coming in the door.’ We’ll find out if that’s a confirmation of his signing.”

“Triple H says he’s not a fan of having 38 different titles in a company and people just moving from one title to another.”

Wrestling Observer said, “HHH says he would love NXT to be part of WrestleMania every year if it balanced with everything else going on the card.”

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