Update On Edge’s Return, Shaq Gets More Media Attention For WWE

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— The WWE creative team is currently working under the impression that Edge will be out for the remainder of 2009. The best case scenario is said to be that he’ll be ready to return at Royal Rumble and build up a feud with Chris Jericho for WrestleMania 26.

— In an interview published by The Washington Post today, Shaquille O’Neal spoke on his gig as the guest host of RAW. “I like to do things that other people can’t do,” he said. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of guys. I also consider them to be great athletes. You know, they respect me, I respect them.”

Yahoo.com had a front page article on Shaq at RAW titled “Shaq’s comic wrestling gig.“ The story featured an image of Shaq and Big Show holding eachother by the throat and said that “Shaq’s funny fortay into a WWE ring was a hit on the web.”

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