Edge Reveals ‘Canceled’ WWE Affair Storyline

A few things come to mind when you hear the name ‘Edge’. You think about TLC matches, title wins, great match work, a great heel, and of course, the ‘Sex Celebration’ when Edge had a storyline affair with Lita, reflecting real life at the time. Sadly, it has now been canceled. WWE have now censored the later and we have some word on that in which you can’t miss. Edge Reacts To Bad Loss To AEW Dynamite.



Edge recently spoke out about censorship and how it could be taken too far. Edge clarified that he plays a character and the world of WWE is fiction and made to push boundaries.

Edge stated the following about the sex celebration being censored by Peacock:

“You know, I don’t really think about it! To be honest I think it’s just one of those I just think I kind of erased. I don’t put a whole lot of thought into it to be honest. But I guess if you’re looking at it from the terms of, it’s a TV show, right, so you go “OK. Well, if you look at a movie, there’s sex scenes.”

Edge continues: “I was on Vikings, and Vikings is going to be on Peacock as of today, my character beheaded people and put their heads on spikes. Didn’t really! But I also didn’t really have sex in the wrestling ring. So I think that’s a confusing thing with wrestling. For some reason it gets put into a different category than another production. I’ve never fully grasped that, but I don’t think anybody ever fully grasps where do you put it?”

It should be noted that along with Edge and Lita’s ‘Sex Celebration’ being censored, that DX acting as The Nation Of Domination. That skit involved such topics as racism and blackface.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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