Edge says WWE has given him ‘so much freedom’ with creative

Edge’s promos have really hit the mark since his shock return to WWE, and he revealed during an interview with Busted Open podcast, he has been given full autonomy in terms of what he says and does on-screen. Here is what he said:



“I have been given almost full carte blanche. There’s a couple things that I tried to go against, but I realize that the lines were drawn, and that wasn’t going to get changed. So that was fine, but the promos, I’m writing them. The storyline arc, I put it together. … It’s all a work in progress really, but I’ve been given so much freedom, and that has been so much fun.”

There are certain performers in WWE who are excellent when given the creative freedom to express themselves, and should it be something that WWE promotes more with talent rather than everything being so scripted?

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