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Edge Talks Using Lita in an Affair Storyline with Matt Hardy, The Most Stressful Point of His Career

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge was recently a guest on Sam Robert’s Wrestling Podcast, and you can check out some highlights from the interview here:

On his feud with John Cena establishing him as a main event star:

“Yeah, I think that’s when it’s like, ‘let’s test the waters here and see what he [has] got’ and then, I felt like I hit it out of the park. So it was like, ‘okay, we can depend on him now and we can depend on him to lead SmackDown while John leads RAW’. And that’s truly what that felt like.”

On his storyline with Lita and Matt Hardy:

“Well, I understood it from a business standpoint, and I always try to look at it from Vince’s standpoint. And it’s like, I get it. I totally get it. I put myself in this position, so I only got myself to blame. So, alright, you reap what you sow, so let’s go sow it and reap it, I guess.”

Edge continued, “I tried to commit to whatever I had to do onscreen because that was the only way it was going to work. And it really did feel like it was her and I against the world, kind of thing. So we felt that way, so it was easy to portray that on TV.”

On the most stressful time of his career:

“I mean, it was difficult. Without a doubt. And I’d say that was probably, like, the most stressful point of my career, just from a personally taxing standpoint. But I was like, ‘okay, see it through, get passed it,’ and, really, my mindset was, ‘we’re here now, so I’m going to use this and try if you want to think you know me, I’m going to use this to fuel, if you want to hate me, I’ll give you reasons.'”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    You are correct. I get those two era’s wrong at times, yeah.

  • Mister Who

    Ruthless Aggression Era

  • VRA

    Was that part of the Attitude Era? I thought it was the Ruthless Era?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I honestly didn’t have a problem with it. You see the same people, pretty much 24/7, 365 days a year, so I could imagine things like this happen a lot. I felt bad that Matt got released, but at least he was able to come back and have a decent singles career from it and I’m sure he made a ton more money then he usually does.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Nuthin’ like a bit of kayfabe action to give out “ratings” based on “exploitation”.,, gotta love the Attitude Era!

  • VRA

    I agree, it was bad form. However; it was a entertaining storyline they were able to produce.

  • MindTricked

    That whole thing was foul, but I don’t blame the WWE for taking ALL advantages they could from it, once the shenanigans went public. Still, I remember genuinely disliking Lita and Edge (Amy and Adam), especially when Matt was released.