Edge vs. Dominik Mysterio Raw Match Spoiled

Dominik Mysterio embraced his dark side and joined The Judgement Day after attacking his (referred) uncle and father, Edge and Rey Mysterio, respectively. Rhea Ripley plays a role in this storyline as she believes she controls Dominik now. Edge vs. Dominik will take place on Raw tonight, and a major angle will be part of it.



Dominic will take on Edge on this week’s episode of WWE Raw. Inevitably, Judgement Day would interfere in this match. While that happens on this week’s Raw, another thing looms involving an angle inside Edge’s house.

PWInsider reports that the father-son duo are in Asheville, North Carolina, where Edge lives. There is a possibility that WWE would have filmed something before their angle. We know that Beth got involved in the mix of things, and the segment could involve her.

Beth is the only female missing in the Edge-Mysterio faction to be a worthy opponent to Rhea Ripley. Phoenix did commentary for NXT, where Rhea started her career in the USA. While she was with NXT UK in the past, her career took a paradigm shift after she appeared on USA’s NXT.

Dominik and Rey are former tag team champions and the only father-son duo to do it. We need to see how the company plans to play this out. Will the story continue in a mask vs son storyline? The fact that Rey wanted his legacy to continue, whether with the mask or without, there are chances that Dominick could be the one to step out of his father’s shadow using this storyline.

He has made gradual progress, but work is required to make things look better for the rookie who needs to learn under experts and perform his heel persona to perfection. He has the WWE Universe to give him heel heat, and with the experts in Edge, Mysterio and even Finn Balor to groom him, the sky is the limit.

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