Edge WWE Championship ‘Heel Turn’ Rumor Leaks

Edge hinted at reviving the ‘Rated R Superstar’ recently, and a heel turn was indeed discussed. Bruce Prichard has been catching heat lately for ‘burying’ Drew McIntyre, but is all of the heat warranted? Maybe Prichard and the rest of WWE creative do have some good ideas after all.



Billi Bhatti was featured on the latest episode of ‘The Dirty Sheets’ show and spoke about Bruce Prichard considering an Edge heel turn when a match with Drew McIntyre was being discussed, before Edge vs. Roman Reigns was confirmed. Here’s what we have on the news.

Bhatti: “You don’t really need to read between the lines. He’s basically said before he (Edge) left TV, when he was injured, before he left he said ‘I need to find The Rated R Superstar’.”

Bhatti continues: “He told the Miz that ‘I need to win’. He goes ‘You wanna win and I need to win.'”

Bhatti: Do you remember he said ‘Do you see the difference’?”

Cav: “Yeah.”

Bhatti: “Yeah, so all that need to win stuff was definitely going to be going back to ‘Rated R’ for a bit.”

This seemed like it could have been a great idea, but it sounds like WWE wanted to keep Edge a face to bring in even more fans rather than turning fans away because of him going back to a heel.

No matter what Edge does, it’s always a hit. Edge turning heel still would have gone over extremely well. Edge’s WWE future is ‘uncertain’ after WrestleMania.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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