Elias: Live from Bourbon Street special premieres on WWE Network next week

WWE’s resident Troubadour spent part of WrestleMania weekend performing a concert in New Orleans. Elias sang a set of songs in front of a small yet excited crowd on Bourbon Street, and those interested in getting a sneak peek at his album can hear some of the tracks on this special.



Elias: Live from Bourbon Street is a 30-minute documentary revolving around the drifter, featuring footage from the concert he performed that weekend. WWE posted the full concert segment of the special on their YouTube channel.

The Drifter’s documentary will air on Monday after Table for 3, while another special, Walk with Elias: The Documentary will air on July 30. It will be a spoof in the style of Behind the Music, focusing on his album, which releases this Monday, July 23.

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