Elias opens up about part-time stars taking spotlight from younger generation

One of the biggest complains fans have with today’s WWE product is that the stars who work hard all year do not get the spotlight at the time of big events and the attention is given to older part time stars.



During his recent appearance on the Chasing Glory podcast, Elias talked about this notion and revealed that he also used to think like the fans.

The former NXT star explained that he used to get offended by guys like Undertaker or Shawn Michaels coming in for a big match because it meant that people like Elias would be shoved to the side:

“So this is going to sound maybe like selfish or something like that, but when these guys are around – Undertaker, Kane, and Shawn Michaels – when they would come back, I would personally get offended by that,” he honestly admitted. “The reason would be, I thought I should be in there with those guys and learning from them or they shouldn’t be there because it’s the new guys’ time. That’s how I felt. I had a bit of anger towards, I want to say, that generation. I’m thinking like, ‘Hey, I’m getting the loudest reactions out there, or whatever it may be. I’m the new guy. and then, here come these guys, who take everyone’s spots at WrestleMania, or they take spots on other big pay-per-views. And Elias is shoved towards the side for whatever reason. So, I had anger about that.”

However, continuing on the topic, the WWE star explained that the Last Ride documentary of the Undertaker changed his mind because he realised that the legend was also aware of this problem:

“And then I saw the interview with Undertaker [on The Last Ride docuseries], and you come to find out how he’s aware of that, as well. He knows the young guys want his spot, and he also knows he’s got to let this go some time, but he loves this business so much. You can relate to that. It softens me to go, ‘Oh, I get it.’ I don’t have that anger that I did before. Who knows if the situation is ever reversed, or whatever.”

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