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Elias reveals interesting story of his first meeting with Vince McMahon

While many stars coming from NXT would be afraid to meet the Boss Vince McMahon in person, apparently, this wasn’t the case with the Drifter Elias. recently published a detailed story on the former NXT Star and in the article; he revealed the story of his first introduction with Mr. McMahon.

According to Elias, one day before his Raw performance, the management called him up into Vince’s office and he performed a song there without hesitation:

“[Management] said, ‘Vince [McMahon] wants you to do the song for him, I sat down in Vince’s office and said, ‘Hey, they told me to come do my song for you, so Vince, if you could just silence your cell phone, hold your applause, and shut your mouth, I’d like to do that right now.’ After I sang my little song, he just kind of gave me a head nod and said, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good.’”

Elias made his WWE main roster debut shortly after WrestleMania 33 and the Drifter has since went on to become one of the top stars of the Raw brand.

  • blkwolf13

    Elias really is jacked…. think the hairyness through this guy off lmao

  • Darrin Tyler

    So funny. I can see vince just laughing his ass off

  • Luke

    Seriously? Look at them next to each other. Elias is bigger. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a push though.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    No he isnt, plus Elias is natural and genuine not forced like reigns

  • Luke

    …Elias is more jacked than Reigns though

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    This is a guy who needs a WWE title run, not some forced muscle bound jackass like Reigns