Elijah Burke Puts Over the TNA Fans and Officials

– Elijah Burke (D’Angelo Dinero in TNA) posted the following blog on his official website:



As you all know, these pass couple of weeks were very hard and difficult for Pope and his family. I would like to thank everyone of you 4(up) your support throughout these stressful times.

Pope would also like to send a very special thanks to his TNA Family; from the locker room, to the seamstress, all the way down to the janitor. TNA is truly a family atmosphere and a great company to be apart of. I dunno, maybe…just maybe YOUR Pope may decide to stick around for another 5-10years!

And then there’s Dixie Carter, one of the most personal and compassionate bosses that Pope has EVER worked for in this lifetime. It’s such a rarity to work for a boss who genuinely care for his/her employees (ESPECIALLY in this business) the way Dixie does.

In closing, Pope would just like to say that since that road has now been crossed, and we’ve (Pope and his Family) have finally made it over the hump, Pope looks forward to returning ASAP, to do what he does best: “Saving The World, One Smile At A Time!”~ PHS

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