Elon Musk Brutally Humiliates Tucker Carlson

Elon Musk has apparently partly moved on from veteran news host Tucker Carlson and leveled a series of criticisms of the former Fox News host over his recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast via Mediaite.



It has been noted that in multiple posts on X, formerly Twitter, Musk responded to messages critical of Carlson for, among other things, rejecting Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is also noted that with the posts there was a turn in the relationship between Musk and Carlson, who was one of the first big-name pundits to ink a deal with Musk to post content on X.

“Yeah,” Musk wrote in reply to a clip of Carlson rejecting evolution and a user calling Carlson a “zealot.”

Carlson argued on the Joe Rogan Experience that he believes in “adaptation,” but not “evolution.” Asked for his own theory, Carlson said “God created people” and animals.

Musk replied with a “sigh” to another thread that included a post from Dr. Jonathan Stea, a clinical psychologist and adjunct assistant professor at the University of Calgary. Dr. Stea stated that Carlson dismissing the theory of evolution as just a “theory” dismisses the fact that it’s long been well-established for biologists.

“Tucker Carlson misunderstands that in everyday speech, “theory” refers to a hunch or a speculation, but in science, it refers to a comprehensive explanation of nature,” Stea wrote. “Many scientific theories are so well-established that no new evidence is likely to change them. E.g: evolution.”

Musk wrote “sigh” in response to a user referring to Stea’s message and writing, “my ‘the right is retarded and the left is mentally ill’ paradigm keeps winning.”

After these Musk posts were highlighted, the X owner said Carlson’s view on evolution is “irrational,” but he still makes “some good points” on other topics.

“This is not a question of being ‘over Tucker’ or not. I don’t agree with his views here, but he does make good points at times,” Musk wrote. “If we excluded people because they held some irrational (in my view) beliefs, there would be almost no one left.”

Musk also pushed back on a clip of Carlson claiming there are “spiritual entities” among us.

“I have seen no evidence for aliens and, with ~6000 satellites orbiting Earth, I think I would know,” he wrote.

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