Elon Musk Offensive Muslim Remark To Joe Rogan Leaks

Elon Musk recently cracked a cringy joke about Hamas and hummus during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.



The conversation began as Joe Rogan asked about Musk being covered in The New York Times.

“If you’re a high-profile figure like yourself, it’s impossible to make everybody happy. So, there’s going to be someone that says something shitty about you. Somehow or other, when it’s in print, does that mean more, because other people are going to see this shitty thing? That’s where it gets odd,” Rogan said.

“Well, I guess— ” Musk began before Rogan interjected, “Because essentially an article in The New York Times is just a single person’s opinion, and whatever editor gets involved.”

“It’s just a lot of people will read that,” Musk said.

“But I think people know that now. People know that now,” Rogan claimed.

“I find The New York Times these days to be hard to read,” Musk said, leading to Rogan’s comment that, “Well, unfortunately, they make some grave errors. Like that Hamas bombing the — ”

“Hummus?” Musk retorted, and they both cracked up at the clever wordplay.

“The Israelis bombing the hospital,” Rogan finished.

The Times first reported news of the explosion at Gaza City’s al-Ahli hospital on Oct. 17. At the time, the Times and other major outlets, like the Associated Press, reported the information they had: That the Gaza Health Ministry, which is overseen by terror group Hamas, claimed the mass casualty attack was the result of an Israeli airstrike.

“Israeli Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say,” read the initial Times headline.

The Times later issued an “editor’s note” admitting that it “relied too heavily on claims by Hamas” in its initial reporting on the strike that was actually caused by a misfired Hamas missile.

But Musk kept making jokes and Rogan grew less and less amused.

“Chickpeas!” Musk asked.

“Yes, it’s delicious,” Rogan answered.

“I think we should just cut off chickpea exports. That’ll bring them to their knees right away. What are you gonna do, take a chip and dip it in nothing?” Musk asked.

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