Elon Musk Ready To Go To Jail For Trump If…

Elon Musk recently stated that he is prepared to go to prison if the FBI comes to him in 2024 to try to stop Donald Trump and tells him to censor information similarly to what they did with the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.



The comment came after Jack Posobiec asked Elon on an X Space what he would do if an agency came to him and demanded he take down legal content.

“If I think a government agency is breaking the law and there are demands on the platform, I would be prepared to go to prison personally if I think they are the ones breaking the law.”

Along with his return to X (formerly Twitter), Alex Jones joined Elon Musk in a X Spaces livestream with a cadre of right-wing figures, during which Musk asked him about Sandy Hook.

It has been noted that after the 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, which killed 20 children and six teacher, Jones repeatedly claimed on his Info Wars show the event was staged in order to push for laws restricting gun ownership.

Notably, relatives of the Newtown victims filed a lawsuit against Jones as a result, winning approximately $1.5 billion in judgments. Initially, Musk had initially declined to bring Jones back to X due to his comments surrounding Newton; however, a day after holding a poll where a majority voted to bring him back to the platform, Musk changed his tune.

It has been noted that On Sunday, Musk joined Jones in a space hosted by Mario Nawfal with an audience of more than 60,000 listeners where the billionaire asked Jones to explain his comments surrounding the school shooting.

“One of the questions I really have to just get out of the way and I and you’re probably talking about this already before is the whole Sandy Hook thing,” Musk told Jones. “So what exactly did you say and what is wrong with that situation?”

Jones first buttered up Musk, whom he repeatedly praised throughout the live chat, thanking him for the restoration of his account to X before trying to plead his innocence from a “just asking questions” type of angle.

I was the biggest show’s biggest rogue and is now are bigger. And I had a very small operation and did not even understand how powerful I was. And so when that event is called, the school shooting, which I do believe happened, happened 11 years ago. The Internet exploded and it was the top story for off and on for years with all the with all these professors and former school safety people and all of them saying they believed it was a drill and I simply covered them covering that.

What was written in court against me in both cases where I was found guilty by judges in New York. There’s a judge in in Trump’s case, not even a jury as a real estate case. And and then years later, after Trump got elected and after I was de-platformed, it made me bigger. And so suddenly I would wake up and there would be sometimes 100 articles or more a day, every major news channel saying that I was currently saying nobody died currently sending people to their houses, currently peeing on graves. I don’t even know these people’s names. All always said one of their names ever. Now, now. And I believe their children died. And I understand all that.

Moreover, Jones lamented that he has had to apologize for his comments on numerous occasion before claiming he was just playing “devil’s advocate” and did not personally believe the shooting was faked.

There’s over 100 apologies that I’ve given. In fact, probably 500 to every show I go on. They asked us, I apologized on Joe Rogan’s show five years ago. I apologize on Patrick Bet-David’s show five years ago. I mean, these are prominent ones.

I apologize on every show. And I’ll say it again, I apologize that I just gave my commentary because I’m really just a guy…talk radio host. So I do that on the Internet. I just take calls and interview guests and that I play devil’s advocate. And if that hurt people’s feelings, I apologize. But I did not send people to your houses. I did not pee on graves. I don’t know any of the stuff that went on.

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