Elon Musk & Transgender MMA Fighter Bombshell Leaks

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of various companies including Tesla and SpaceX, has recently become embroiled in the discussion surrounding the participation of transgender fighters in MMA. The conversation was sparked by a video circulating on the internet, which wrongly claimed that transgender fighter Fallon Fox had fractured the skull of former UFC fighter Kay Hansen during a fight.



While Fox did fracture the skull of an opponent during a fight, it was actually Tamikka Brents and not Hansen. Fox responded to Musk’s comments, calling him out for giving attention to a doctored video and emphasizing that it was clearly manipulated to make her sound like a man.

Fox has since taken to social media to address the controversy, pointing out several inaccuracies in the viral posts. She called out the use of fake photos by transphobes and emphasized that only one opponent had received an orbital fracture from her during a fight, and that opponent was a black cis woman, not the woman in the doctored video.

Fox also criticized conservatives for attempting to embellish on the issue of transgender athletes, suggesting that they often use misleading information to stoke fears and divisions.

The debate around the participation of transgender athletes in sports has been ongoing for several years, with various organizations and governing bodies grappling with how to address the issue fairly and inclusively. While some argue that transgender athletes have an unfair advantage due to their biological makeup, others maintain that everyone should have the right to participate in sports regardless of their gender identity.

“Transphobes are AGAIN using fake photos to say I broke the skull of someone I’ve never even fought. Even the bloodied woman in the photo says I didn’t fight her. Video footage of the actual fight is posted here. Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis is lying. I don’t even know why they call her a doctor. Only ONE opponent received an orbital fracture from me (Tamikka Brents). She is a black cis woman and that ain’t her! Conservatives always try to embellish on trans athletes.”


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