Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Truth About Diddy

P Diddy has been in hte headlines following newly surfaced footage of Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura in a 2016 Los Angeles hotel incident. The video depicts Diddy violently attacking and dragging Cassie back to a room.



Emily Ratajkowski and other celebrities have reacted to the horror incident.  Aubrey O’Day and 50 Cent have also blasted Diddy, with 50 Cent sarcastically referencing Diddy’s previous denial of allegations. Claudia Jordan condemned people who have defended Diddy, while Cassie’s husband, Alex Fine, shared a heartfelt letter condemning abusers.

Reacting to the disturbing footage on X (formerly Twitter), Ratajkowski wrote, “Monster.”

Singer Aubrey O’Day, who previously worked with Diddy has been a vocal critic since he fired her from Danity Kane in 2008 and has also reacted to the disturbing video, writing: “The picture is getting a lot clearer for you all, I can imagine.”

She added a warning: “Abuse survivors or anyone that triggers easily might not want to watch (images are disturbing). #Cassie #diddy #kimporter. Prayers up for all his victims.”

Rapper 50 Cent, who has a long-standing feud with Diddy, reacted to the brutal video clip of him beating Cassie on Instagram.

He reposted a clip of the incident along with the sarcastic message, “Now I’m sure Puffy didn’t do it, he is innocent this proves nothing! This is what his lawyers are gonna say, God help us all.”

50 Cent then shared a statement Diddy had released in December denying various sex crime accusations: “Sickening allegations have been made against me by individuals looking for a quick payday. Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family, and for the truth.”

Speaking on Diddy’s previous statements in light of the newly surfaced hotel video, 50 Cent wrote: “The lie detector test has determined this was a lie…. Maury vibes.”

“Deal Or No Deal” star Claudia Jordan spoke about the brutal video clip on her Instagram page. The TV personality called out people who defended Diddy, writing, “And some folks were really STILL defending this man and claiming Cassie was just ‘money hungry.’ Mind you, this is what happened when she tried to leave him.”

She continued with frustration: “‘Women need 50-11 witnesses, medical records and surveillance footage to kinda get believed—-but it’s still our fault for ‘putting ourselves in these situations.’ SMH!!!!!”

Jordan added: “Diddy if this is how you treated someone you ‘loved,’ I can only imagine the horrors your enemies or opposition suffered. Praying for all of Sean Combs’ victims… dead and alive.”

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