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Enzo Amore blames backstage politics for his split with Big Cass

Enzo Amore and Big Cass were a huge draw at their peak with Enzo’s mic skills complementing with Cass’ physique. The pair were split up mid-2017, and Enzo recalled their split during his appearance on the Keeping it 100 with Konnan podcast. 

Enzo noted that the tag-team was responsible for the highest merchandise sales at that point and criticized the decision of splitting the duo. He said:

“If you think about it, me and Big Cass at one point were the No. 1 merchandise selling people in the company. In the height of our run we were split up in the No. 1 ratings draw in the company,” revealed Enzo. “If you had kept me and Cass together, or given us the tag titles, or given one of us a push towards the title and the other one pushed towards the title, there was some major super-star potential there, which was a scary thought to those in the higher-ups, or they creatively had a different take.”

He also went on to blame backstage politics which impacted the decision. Enzo also claimed that the success he achieved in NXT made ceratin people jealous. He elaborated:

“When I debuted in an arena on television and everyone in the arena introduced me and Cass, from there on up I never went down. I peaked and went out with a title on my waist. So, from the NXT days I was charismatic and over the top with a character, but was very approachable at a mall, or in a store; I never said no to a picture, and the love for me was different than with some other people.

  • jedi

    Hes keeping it 100%, they should not have been broken up they were super over!

  • CC

    I am not saying that they did not shift a lot of t-shirts etc, but compared to the likes of New Day, Cena, Styles, Rollins, Reigns and Bryan, I doubt they were at the top of the merch league for long.
    Just look at Rusev. His Happy Rusev Day stuff were huge sellers at one point, but beyond that his merch is small potatoes compared to the consistant top sellers.

    Hell, until her recent surge in popularity, I doubt Becky Lynch was one of the big merch sellers and now she is storming it.

    Merch is not the be all and end all of a person being over with the fans as far as long term goes.