Enzo Amore claims he made Neville quit WWE

While usually, the reports of backstage heat mean the start of the end for a star, it has actually done the opposite for the former Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore.



When the reports about his bad backstage attitude first came out he was looking all set to become a jobber but since then his fate has turned upside down and as we reported before, WWE is now planning to build the 205 Live around him.

And it appears that Enzo is not only in the mood to continue his attitude but he is also ready to take shots at the people who are not happy with his position.

During a recent WWE Live Event Amore cut a promo after losing a match to the new Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto and said “I took care of Cass, then made Neville quit. You’re nothing!”

It’s not known whether these comments from Enzo Amore were pre-approved by the producers of the show, but it’s safe to say that the already-pissed off Neville wouldn’t have found it funny at all.

As we noted before, Officials are currently trying to deny the reports of Neville quitting WWE but several sources have indicated that the former NXT Star has left the company for good.

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