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Enzo opens up about WWE, colleagues saying he was difficult to work with, CM Punk and more

Enzo Amore

  • MindTricked

    MAN. I just want to PIMPslap whomever transcribed this or whatever.

  • CC

    Do you get the idea he was a writer? I am not sure he mentioned that at all.

    Jesus, this interview just made me dislike him even more, and I never thought that was possible.
    Just from what he said in that you can tell that all the rumours about his actions in WWE, and nobody liking him were all true.

  • Soulshroude

    Dominic needs to start editing his “articles”, or someone needs to edit after the copy/paste is done. Further… no one cares about ENZO.

  • Omar

    Very unflattering interview (because of Enzo, not because of the interviewer). Enzo comes of as a childish and entitled person. A caricature of the flawed “millennials” stereotype.