Enzo Amore reportedly tried to leave WWE before getting released

The story of Enzo Amore being accused of rape became viral on Monday and by Tuesday WWE had parted their ways with the former Cruiserweight Champion.



The quickness of these events surprised everyone and many believed WWE should have waited for sometime before releasing the former Champion.

However, Dave Meltzer talked about Enzo during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed that the former 205 Live Star actually tried to get out of his contract not too long ago.

According to Meltzer, Amore apparently wanted to leave the company so he can focus on pursuing a career as a full-time rapper. Though he didn’t elaborate why he wasn’t able to quit the company.

As reported before, WWE officials were unaware of the accusations on Enzo Amore prior to Monday and upon learning they got furious over the cruiserweight Star and released him.


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