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Enzo Amore reveals the reason for real-life heat with Big Cass

Enzo Amore

It’s well known that both Enzo Amore and Big Cass had backstage heat before their breakup in June last year, however during a recent appearance on Store Horseman podcast, Enzo revealed the reason for his own personal heat with his former partner.

Amore claimed that their Brooklyn Street Fight during the August 21st episode of Raw was expected to have a spot where Enzo would have attacked him with a chair and the whole thing according to the former Champion would have been the payoff for the beatings he had been taking from Cass.

However, the former NXT Star tore his ACL during the bout, just before the planned spot which forced the match to be ended there and the spot was nixed. And according to the former Cruiserweight Champion, he can never forgive Big Cass for this:

“It was the first time in my life in wrestling where I ever went, ‘bro. I can’t forgive you for this.’ Like, I’ve let people kill me for the past five years. I’ve taken the heat in every one of our matches, every f–kin bump. And I get this chair in my hand, and you’re standing up, and you can’t take a chair shot?”

Continuing on the topic, Enzo Amore discussed how many wrestling legends have worked matches through injuries implying that his partner should have done the same.

The spot in question can be seen in the video below:

  • DarLove

    I agree with you CC. Not only was it the pain factor which as you stated does differ for each person, let’s just say Cass went along with the chair storyline & damages his injury even more, then he ends up getting fired anyway. Not worth it at all in my humble opinion.

  • Sparti Love

    I’m surprised no one mentioned that Enzo got injured by the Vanvillians and couldn’t finish the match, yet he’s complaining about this

  • vintage gentleman

    this guy is the worst wrestler ever. But he is right even Naomi finished her match with a broken orbital bone in her face…. that’s always been the thing right no matter what finish the match these new generation of wrestlers are super Sawft

  • CC

    how will rewatching the match tell anyone whether he could continue or not? it still will not tell you how much pain he was in. stop beating a dead horse. Enzo is a tool, regardless. Every single thing he has said recently has show all he cares about is himself, why should this be any different?

  • gar216

    Rewatch the match.

  • CC

    Yet you think the one who wasn’t injured is the one who is right. How the hell would Enzo know how much pain he was in?

    Just because one guy thinks the other should finish the match, does not mean he is right.

    This was hardly a Sin Cara broken finger type incident.

  • gar216

    If he is that SAWFT maybe he isn’t cut out for the business. Maybe he didn’t want to return the favor. Face is, you weren’t there. Neither was I. At the end if the day,one of the 2 entertainers in the ring felt that he could have finished .

  • CC

    And once again, you have no idea how much pain he was in. Just because wrestler a.b and c have done something, does not mean d, e and f can or have to do the same. There have been plenty of instances of people not finishing matches.

  • Soulshroude

    Please drop the ENZO subject. The chummer is old news that no one cares about. Put the garbages where it needs to be and out of the media spotlight.

  • gar216

    Then you clearly don’t understand the business. Steve Austin said it best when he said that, he spent a month with a fractured tailbone, but that didn’t change the fact that he was being paid handsomely to deliver Stunners. The fans expected to see them and his opponents who were losing to him to make him look better, deserved to be beaten by the (at the time) most devastating finisher in the business.

    Every person on that roster is dealing with an injury. Some more severe than others, but their job as professionals is to do what they can to make each other look good in the process of delivering for the fans.

    In this case Cass was able to stand, but could not walk. He could have easily taken a chair to the upper body, then laid on the mat until the medical staff could attend to him.

  • gar216

    It’s the business that they work in. You are only as good as you make your opponent look. Call an audible that allows you to quickly finish the match while checking as many boxes as possible. Pro wrestlers have done it for decades.

  • CC

    And you know exactly how much pain he was in?
    As painful as HHH’s quad tear was, does not mean his ACL tear did not hurt more.
    Plus pain tolerance is different from people to people.

  • Omar

    Absolutely not! If some people choose to finish matches while suffering from serious injuries that does not give anyone the right to expect the same from all. In fact the company should actively discourage such behavior as it raises chances of aggravating the injury, lead to lasting issues and even shortening of career.

    These people are athletes and their health is the most important component of their career.

  • gar216

    Cass could have laid there and took the chair shots. Triple H delivered a Pedagree with a torn quad. Seth Rollins has finished matches with torn muscles in his knees. Countless others have finally she’d matches while hurt.

  • Omar

    Either he is an extremely narcissistic entitled baby or he is trying to be relevant by making controversy through acting like a heel online. In both cases, he is comes off as a desperate attention seeker.