Enzo Amore opens up about backstage heat with Triple H and interactions with Vince McMahon

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Former WWE star was a recent guest on The Steve Austin Show podcast where he openly discussed his release from the company and the rape allegations, which ultimately played a big part in his firing.

Amore contends not to have known about any charges related to allegations until the RAW 25 show:

“Why does my phone keep ringing during these rehearsals? I look and I see the tweet. That’s how I found out. I didn’t know anything. I called Mark Carrano immediately….linked up with a lawyer and WWE’s in-house attorney…they ask me about the situation and I’m completely transparent….the police had never contacted me about this, not once, not one time.”

A friend of Amore’s received an email from an ‘investigator,’ who ‘did not claim to be a police officer’:

“That’s when I called my lawyer immediately…this is in December. He calls up [the Phoenix PD] and there’s nothing going on. There’s no investigation that he finds out about. He finds out about nothing. There’s no charges pressed against me.”

Amore contends that the email a friend received never came from anyone that identified themselves as a police officer or mentioned any rape case. He also claims that the Phoenix PD were alerted to the situation by his accuser Philomena Sheahan; but, never took her charges seriously, due to her repeated issues with substance abuse. Amore also contends that the Phoenix PD essentially bungled the initial accusations and that it why they later opened an actual investigation.

On his interactions with Vince McMahon after the allegations:

“I found out like everyone else, via Tweet. When this happens I make Vince aware immediately. I go right to Vince. Before I even find out anything going on, I go see Vince. He’s the first person I go see. Are you kidding me? He says, ‘We can’t send you out there tonight. We can’t put you on the show. This tweet is really bad.’ I didn’t say anything. I stood there and I let Vince talk for a minute. The first thing I said was, ‘You know and I know that I didn’t do this and I deserve better than this because I’m a good person.’ I walked out. Then Vince tells me that I had to tell him when something like this happens. I knew there was that email that came in to a friend from a person who was an investigator that never claimed to be a police officer…..even when I found that out, why? Do you think I’m going to tell somebody? That wasn’t even a thought in my mind. Immediately when I found out from my friend  about that email, I called my lawyer, who called the police who said there was nothing happening. Have they told me I was under investigation, I would have gone to Vince and told him. I did not know I was under investigation….I’m a good guy, I’m not thinking too much about this sh*t.”

On being told about the allegations coming at a bad time:

“When I sat there with Vince that day, he said, ‘Bad timing. The Women’s first ever Royal Rumble is next week. The #MeToo movement and the pendulum is swinging right now in one direction and this girl, it couldn’t have been on a worse day or time.’ We were in the midst of a women’s revolution.”

Amore then talks about being told, by McMahon, to go home:

“I walked into the hallway. As I was walking down the hallway at the Barclay’s Center, he told me, ‘Go home.’ I said to him, ‘I guess I’m on my way to D.C.’ Smackdown is in DC. He goes, ‘Go home and wait to hear from us and we’ll tell you if we need you to come to Smackdown tomorrow. At that point I had no idea I was being suspended or being fired.”

Amore then runs into WWE’s Adam Hopkins, who informed Amore that he had been suspended and a tweet had already gone out. This is all within one trip down the Barclay’s Center hallway:

“When I heard this, I grabbed [Mark] Carrano immediately and I said to him, ‘I’m never gonna fu*king forget this.’ I said, ‘Look at me right now. I’m walking out of here and I’m not going to forget this.’ And I walked out with a lot of emotions.”

Amore also opened up about some backstage friction he shared with Triple H:

“I got my voice taken away from me and it’s the only thing I ever cared about: the most important thing. In wrestling, I’ll lay on my back for anybody 1-2-3. A writer tries to write a line I don’t like in a promo, I ain’t saying it and I’m going to go talk to Vince because I’m not saying it and Hunter’s gonna threaten my job. Triple H is gonna tell me I’m gonna get fired because I ain’t saying this sh*t….I’m still going to get handed a microphone every fu*king night, every single time, so I started living like that. You guys have threatened me ever since I got in the door here. You have been hanging it over my head that you will fire me…in the end I was fuc*ing looking at him in the face saying, ‘You’re fuc*ing lucky to have me here.’ I didn’t walk on any eggshells at the end at all. I dressed in my own locker room. When people got mad at me I didn’t care and I just went to Vince….I had a conversation with Hunter that I don’t think any other talent in the business has had. He ripped me a new one. He went so off – pulled me into his office and went off….the way I looked at it is I’m not trying to be you, I’m not trying to be Triple H….I’m not trying to marry within the company and be here forever. He was going off and he said to me, ‘Enzo you’re not going to change  the fuc*ing world.’ When he said that I stood up and shot my chairto the point that it fell and I said, ‘Don’t you get it? I am trying to change the fuc*ing world.’ Triple H stood up and said, ‘There’s no getting through to you.’ Boiling hot mad and he walked me out of that room.”

Were WWE right to let Enzo go? Will we ever see him back in WWE again, especially since he was cleared of the rape allegations? Discuss…

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