Enzo Amore on Trying to Keep His Promos PG, Stone Cold and The Rock Influencing Him

WWE Superstar Enzo Amore recently caught up with ESPN. You can check out some highlights from the conversation here below:



On trying to keep his promos PG:

“A lot of what we do is built on trust, because basically you go out there with a live mic on live television, and the WWE is putting their brand in your hands. Basically, they are entrusting you to go out there and to be a role model for children and keep everything that you are doing within the PG confines of this great brand.”

On making his own brand:

“If you really put together ‘Stone Cold’ [Steve Austin], The Rock and Shawn Michaels, you can see a little bit of their influence on me, by all means. But at the end of the day we have an opportunity to create our brand, and the Enzo Amore brand is really an extension of who I am as a person. I think [with WWE] you have an opportunity of a lifetime to literally put on a fashion show every week.”

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