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Epico Rants on Being Left Off WrestleMania, Ambrose Works SmackDown Dark Match

– FCW star Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) defeated Ezekiel Jackson in the dark match before tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Orlando, Florida. Ambrose is working as a heel.

– One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Epico posted the following rants on his Twitter today. It sounds like he’s unhappy about being left off the WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view:

“Can you believe this @LaRosaMendes ? Every single WWE title was on The Wrestlemania PPV. But the WWE tag champs get the Pre-show”

“I thought this was WRESTLEmania…. No CONCERTmania… Who did Flo-rida and that MGK beat??? I guess they beat the tag champs”

“Not only the tag champs get left out of wrestlemania… We weren’t even on Raw and it looks like we won’t be on smackdown either…”

“and since when is Flo-rida, MGK and that menounos chick relevant to a wrestlemania????”

  • 666

    Bring back BOD that way Taker dosen’t have to kill himself every match but him and Kane give the tag team division much needed credibility along with Truth-Kingston, Swagger-Ziggler thats if Taker feels like it and WWE can be bothered to think it up.

  • D2K

    Since WWe doesn’t even have a tag-team division I’m not sure one can complain about there not being a tag-team match at Wrestlemania. The real question is why isn’t there a tag team division All these stragglers they have hanging around could be put together as tag teams to form a legitimate tag-team division where people would actually care to see a tag-team match at Wrestlemania.

    Oh, get rid of those ugly belts too.

  • ogitchida

    you are all mistaken… he said all other titles were on wrestlemania… not on the line at wrestlemania…. such fools.

  • Devil_Rising

    If CM Punk is allowed to publicly speak his mind, then other wrestlers should be as well.

  • The ReBeL

    We wish Epico the best in future endeavors…

  • fail

    New age outlaws can save tag team wrestling

  • Aaron

    I agree with Epico %100. This country has an obsession with hip-hop culture and it makes me sick! WWE doesn’t even like to use the term wrestler. They are a media driven machine. They care about Twitter, guest hosts, late night talk show appearances, making crappy movies and having wrestlers make appearances on gay USA network shows.

  • Devil_Rising

    The man makes very good points. Anyone shilling for WWE and telling him “quit whining” A) doesn’t get it, and B) Is a hopeless, clueless WWE mark.

    You can be a fan of something and still realize that a lot of what they do is stupid bullshit.

  • Mark

    bye bye epico wish u well in your future endeavours , unless this is part of a storyline. At the end of the day lots of wrestlers are going to be left disappointed about not being on the card.

  • CC

    Has he ever watched Wrestlemania before? Does he not realise that the whole song and dance shit, and special guests goes back to the very begining?
    He should be grateful that he has only been with the company a short time, yet already has a title and managed to at least get on the pre-show.
    Does he think he is better than guys who have been there longer than him and have nothing? Where was Yoshi Tatsu, and where is his title?
    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks only got a small cameo laughing at Heath Slater.
    Trent Barretta wasnt there.
    The list goes on and on and on … deal with it.

  • RPM

    2 months from now epico will be future endeavoured and sleeping on carlito’s couch.

  • xXx

    if this is real and not a twitter promo, i smell a future endeavor coming soon xD

  • Tyler(:

    The Miz and John Morrison got pre-show when they was tag champs, look where there careers went.

    Epico needs to stop bitching, atleast he made the DVD.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    They have no following. A couple weeks before Wrestlemania in the triple threat tag match huge ovation for Truth & Kofi. Huge ovation for Dolph & Swagger. They announce the champs and the silence was incredible. They have great in ring skIlls but no charecter and Rosa just stands at the side of the ring yelling things in spanish that a lot of the core audience doesnt understand. If your going to make her an eye candy manager use her like Debra with Double J and Owen. Or Sunny.

  • Justin Sane

    They may not have been in the line, but both the US champion and Diva’s champion appeared on the ppv. I see where Epico is coming from.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Kudos to Daniel_Bryan and Sheamus for not complaining about being left off of Wrestlemania two years in a row.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Also the Unites States and Diva’s Championship were not on the line.

  • Jer

    He is mistaken….The US title wasn’t on the line.

  • Logan

    Hate to say it but, those tag titles don’t have the same meaning they once had. Saddens me, it does.


    Blah blah .. Do something about it …. Go for that promotion budz!