Eric Bischoff feels Ambrose’s departure does not matter at all

Former Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose shocked the wrestling world with his decision to not extend his contract and opting to force his way out of the company. Reportedly upset by his booking, Ambrose is expected to ply his trades in a different organization.



Eric Bischoff, speaking on After 83 weeks with Christy Olson claimed that Dean Ambrose leaving the company won’t matter at all and expects the WWE to smoothly function in his absence. Bischoff cites WWE’s immense roster depth as one of the factors for this. He said:

“No disrespect at all to Dean Ambrose…I don’t think it matters at all, That’s not because of Dean’s abilities or lack thereof. But in WWE right now WWE is the star. Everybody else on that roster is a costar, to one degree or another. Stars are now interchangeable. The roster is deep enough, and the pool of talent is deep enough that whether it’s a situation like Roman Reigns, as devastating as that was, WWE shifted on the fly. They didn’t even have to hit the clutch. They just kept going, right? I think that that’s intentional.”

You can watch the entire episode here:


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