Eric Bischoff believes nobody at Impact Wrestling has the skills to grow it as a Brand

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff was recently interviewed by WrestlingInc where he had some very interesting words to offer about the current management of Impact Wrestling.



Bischoff was talking about how TNA was considered to be the number two wrestling company back in 2010 but was still far behind from WWE in numbers.

Continuing on the topic, the former WCW employee said that there is nobody on the current Impact management team who has the skills to grow it as a brand:

At the risk of sounding cynical or derisive, which I don’t mean to be or to do, there’s nobody at Impact Wrestling or Anthem Sports that has the vision, the knowledge, the experience or the ability to see an opportunity that would allow them to create a brand and a product that would be different enough to grow an audience and catch the audience’s imagination while simultaneously, and this is the art within the art, not turning off the existing fan base…

He later explained his comments saying nobody at Impact or Anthem has dealt with the challenges that will come if the brand grows:

“The people that are involved in it have never played on a large stage, have never dealt with major networks, have never faced the challenge of appealing to a large audience, None of them have ever really dealt in the business of the wrestling business on a major scale. So it’s impossible for them to have the experience and the knowledge because they’ve never done it, they’ve never been exposed to it.

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