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Eric Bischoff on Lesnar vs Orton at SummerSlam

Former WCW President and WWE Monday Night RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff recently commented on the upcoming match between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar at this weekend’s SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV), on the latest episode of his podcast Bishoff On Wrestling. Check out the highlights here:

That’s a really, really, really tough question. I would spending a lot of hours thinking about that and probably beating my head on sharp objects in the process trying to come up with the right answer for that one. I’m just going to be honest, with all due respect to Brock, who I respect immensely. Despite recent events. Randy Orton, when I stepped in to WWE Randy Orton was pretty new on the scene. I just dug him then and I still do now. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the best of Randy Orton, yet. I’m not sure that we will. There is so much potential in that guy… but he’s got a history. He’s had complications. He is where he is at this stage in his career. If I was sitting back and going, “What do I do? On my left side of this equation I’ve got this monster that I am paying an astronomical amount of money a year to for a minimal number of dates. So, I’ve got to keep him alive and keep him viable. However, he did just step in a bucket of crap.” You can twist it. Spin it. Try to ignore it. Whatever you want to do. Stepping up. Going in to the UFC. Defeating Mark Hunt and then failing a drug test. It doesn’t do him or the WWE any good right now. On the other hand, you’ve this guy by the name of Randy Orton who is a phenomenal talent but, let’s be honest, he’s probably not got a lot of time left on his career clock and he’s got his own issues from time to time. So which one of these two do I want to prop up under these particular circumstances? I think, setting aside how I feel about them as performers, from a purely business point of view, I would probably have to go with Randy. Otherwise, all I am doing is drawing more attention to myself due to a really unfortunate situation. The good news is time heals all wounds. It really does. 

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestle Zone)