Eric Bischoff on what caused his WWE departure

A lot of people were surprised with Eric Bischoff’s firing from WWE and there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding his sudden departure from the company.



The former SmackDown Executive Director recently had an interview with DigitalSpy where he talked about things like CM Punk’s return to WWE and more.

When asked about the cause of his WWE departure, the former WCW President said that he doesn’t want to get into it too much and claimed that he just didn’t fit into the environment:

“You know, I don’t want to get into it too much, I think, dare to say that WWE is an amazingly successful company, and they have their own processes, and their own way of doing things, and managing Creative, and I just don’t think I fit into that environment.”

Apart from this, Eric Bischoff also talked about him possibly taking a role in AEW and said that he would be open to possibly working with the company if the situation is right.

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