Eric Bischoff praises recent Raw segment

The segment on this week’s Raw involving Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar was highly praised by both WWE Universe and the legends of the industry and now, another name has joined this list.



In the latest episode of his Podcast Bischoff On Wrestling, Eric Bischoff talked about the recent Raw segment and said that it was awesome because it added credibility to Joe’s character:

 “I’m such a fan of Joe’s. I thought it was awesome to be honest with you. I think the fact that they had Joe choke Brock out made Joe credible. It created a mystique and that’s one of the things that’s hardest to do in today’s wrestling environment because we’ve seen so much. And I’ve talked ad nauseam about the WWE formula and it works for them and that’s great.”

Continuing on the topic, he talked about the new generation of wrestlers and claimed that he has not seen a lot of mystique in the newer characters:

“we haven’t seen a lot of mystique in new characters in a long time. We’ve seen a lot of new characters, we’ve seen a lot of great new characters. And there are characters that I really, really dig that are on the younger side of the equation but none of them have mystique”

You can watch the segment which Eric Bischoff was talking about below:

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