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Eric Bischoff talks about Mick Foley loving brutal matches, why he left WCW

Eric Bischoff

  • Rinn13

    I love Mick. But god damn. He was so incredibly stupid when it came to doing “hardcore” BS just to get noticed, when he didn’t NEED to do that stuff. Those idiotic “death matches” in some small-time promotion in Japan, all the way up to insisting on getting throw off of and THROUGH the Hell in a Cell. Dude could have died. But hey, that match will always be remembered, right? Meanwhile, the dude can barely walk these days. All of those stunts he insisted on doing, to get some momentary cheers, probably took years off of his life.

  • Steven Stevens

    I can understand why Eric would want to get rid of this crazy cun. Hardcore wrestling is will always bring negative attention to professional wrestling.I guess karma caught up with him with all the pain he’s in today.