Eric Bischoff talks Paul Heyman getting fired by WWE

Paul Heyman was recently fired from his role as Executive Director of Monday Night RAW. He will still be appearing as on-screen talent. Eric Bischoff certainly understands Heyman’s predicament as he was also fired from the Executive Director position.



On After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson, Eric Bischoff talked about Paul Heyman getting fired by WWE. Bischoff felt like Heyman needed congratulating when he came to know about his firing. He was not sure if he should do the same for Bruce Prichard.

“My first reaction is I’m going to send Bruce Prichard a text that says congratulations, with a question mark.”

He then talked about his past experience working with Heyman. He said he was “quirky as sh*t.” While Heyman is very creative, he can be a handful at times.

“He’s quirky as sh*t. He’s got his own thing, you know. Most really creative, highly aggressive people do. Paul was a handful but in a fun and positive way for me, not in a negative or challenging way, but in a way that kind of made you better because he made you think.”

Heyman certainly knows how to connect with the audience. Vince McMahon grew impatient and wanted new top stars fast. As a result of his firing, it is likely the Superstars Heyman was behind will see their pushes coming to a halt. Bischoff explained how important Paul was in his position.

“Paul Heyman has connected to the audience in a way that kind of transcends some of the normal things that a lot of other people have to deal with. He’s an icon to many, many people. In the eyes of many wrestling fans Paul can do no wrong. And that’s not true, Paul can do wrong, just like we all can. Paul’s just a human being. He’s a very creative talented human being, but he still a human being that has flaws. but Paul is on such a pedestal that I think people tend to give him a little more credit than they should for some things.”

Bischoff ended by saying Heyman should lay low as this will pass as well.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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