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Eric Bischoff on his troubled relationship with Bobby Heenan

Bobby Heenan sadly passed away leaving an entire pro wrestling industry in sadness. He hasn’t been doing very well though and was being fed through a tube. He wasn’t able to speak but he was still the bright personality he always was.

Eric Bischoff recently spoke to Jim Ross on The Ross report about his relationship with Bobby Heenan.

“He was I think not only creatively and from an instinct point of view and a psychology — that’s what I really mean, from a psychology point of view as a performer I don’t think there’s ever been anybody as good,” Bischoff said as Jim Ross agreed with his statement. “I just don’t. And clearly, the man could — he could do a better job on commentary in his sleep than most of us could ever do on our best day. That’s what I think of him professionally.

“On a personal level I’ve looked up to him, I’ve admired him. But I think we probably — especially toward the end had a strange relationship. Because my approach to business was significantly different than Bobby’s and I was pretty untraditional. I really liked improv — he didn’t, Bobby liked to be prepared. I kinda liked not preparing the talent. I liked how to act naturally to things not because it’s what we do.”

“I can’t express how much respect I have for Bobby. But I also acknowledge my approach to the business was significantly different to his and that probably rubbed him the wrong way especially toward the end.”

“He probably felt disrespected and that was by no means my intention but it doesn’t matter what my intention was if that’s how he felt. It’s unfortunate and Bobby and I sort of had a good conversation briefly before he got sick. So I’d like to think it’s okay but I’m sure if Bobby could articulate right now he’d probably call me a sawed-off son of a b-tch. But that’s okay.”

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to The Ross Report with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription