Eric Trump Caught Lying About Ivanka In Video

According to Indy100, the Trump presidency was marked by persistent allegations of nepotism, and one of Donald Trump’s sons, Eric Trump, is facing online mockery for asserting that his family did not “enrich themselves” during his father’s tenure as President of the United States. Eric’s claims have been met with skepticism and ridicule due to well-documented instances suggesting otherwise.



In 2017, Eric Trump acknowledged the influence of nepotism in his career and conceded that it may have played a role in his position at the time. However, in a recent video, purportedly from an interview with the X-22 Report channel, he made a sweeping statement that the Trump family was the “only family in, probably, United States history that didn’t enrich themselves when they went into government.”

This assertion, however, stands in contrast to actual events. For instance, in 2017, President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner assumed advisory roles within the administration. Although unpaid, an analysis by the ethics watchdog Crew (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) indicated that the couple earned between $172 million and $640 million from their various business ventures during their White House tenure.

Ivanka Trump’s controversial acquisition of provisional Chinese trademarks in April 2017, coinciding with a dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping, added to the perception of potential conflicts of interest.

Furthermore, Eric Trump himself benefited from Secret Service protection following his father’s departure from the White House, with the protection extended for an additional six months at the cost of millions to U.S. taxpayers.

Social media users, including those on Twitter and other platforms, were swift to criticize Eric Trump’s claims, pointing to the numerous instances that seemed to contradict his assertion that his family did not financially benefit from their time in government service. The online response underscored the widespread skepticism surrounding his remarks and the prevailing perception that the Trump family, like many politicians before them, had indeed experienced financial gains during their time in public office.

Harrison Carter
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