ESPN Article on Linda McMahon’s Bid for the United States Senate

– has another an article up that looks at Linda McMahon’s aspirations to be a United States Senator. Aside from the typical argument that her association with pro wrestling will likely hurt her chances, columnist Jeff MacGregor looks at the situation from a different perspective.



He asks why Linda would want to walk away from the money, power and control she has over running a large corporation. “You aren’t the boss anymore. No one has to do what you say. No one has to listen to you. No one cares what you think. The one thing you need to be able to do as a politician is the one thing you never had to bother with in business: build consensus,” he said.

“Why Mrs. McMahon wants to give up the power, money and prestige of professional wrestling to join a sideshow like the U.S. Senate remains a mystery to me.” Visit for more.

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