Ethan Carter III on why he left Impact Wrestling

When Ethan Carter III left Impact, he had 6 months left on his contract with the company which started a lot of rumors about the departure of the former World Champion.



A lot of people wondered if he had a grudge with Impact Officials or if the company had to release him due to financial issues similar to the likes of AJ Styles.

During a recent interview with Newsweek, EC3 denied all these speculations and said that he left the company because he wanted to challenge himself to something new:

“My decision to leave Impact had nothing to with their business or finances and everything with me wanting to challenge myself to something new. Leaving Impact was a very difficult decision as I had six months left on a very lucrative and talent-friendly contract. Anthem lived up to that contract and always treated me with the utmost respect as a businessman and a person.”

Since leaving Impact, Ethan Carter III has signed a contract with WWE and he made his debut for the company during the recent NXT Takeover event.

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