Eugene’s WWE Return, Vampiro’s Crazy Accident Resulting in Injury

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– As noted earlier, WWE has signed former talent Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore to a deal. They had him take an extensive drug test including a hair sample to prove that he’s clean. He was fired by WWE before for issues with painkillers. WWE wanted to bring back both Dinsmore and Rob Conway to help with some of the younger talents and add depth to the roster but Conway has another job now and turned them down.

– As noted earlier, former WCW star Vampiro suffered a broken back in a non-wrestling accident recently. Vampiro says on July 7th, he was asleep in his Guadalajara home when several men broke in and tried to kidnap him. Police were patrolling the area and saw the garage door, front door and windows all broken out and called for immediate back up. The men jumped out of one of the windows in the home. Vampiro was asleep when officers kicked in his bedroom door, waking him up. Vampiro says he didn’t know at first they were police, thinking they were intruders with weapons, so he jumped out of his second floor bedroom window, falling 15 feet to the ground.

He broke four vertebrae in his middle and lower back and re-injured the two herniated discs in his neck. He was also hit with the butt of a gun and handcuffed. When police recognized who he was and how much pain he was in, they uncuffed him and sent him to the hospital. He won’t need surgery, and can walk but will need eight weeks of rehab on his back and neck.

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