Eva Marie Heartbreaking Medical News Revealed

WWE star Eva Marie was brutally assaulted by fellow WWE star Shayna Baszler on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. It turns out the ‘Role Model’ could be sidelined for an indefinite amount of time after she sustained injury. Batista Drops Sad Daniel Craig Bombshell



Shayna Baszler attacked Eva Marie

On Monday’s WWE Raw, Shayna Baszler put another victim on the shelf as she attacked Marie after Eva declared that no one in the back could beat her. Baszler took that personal and came out, eventually laying down Marie with an assault. She further stomped on her arm on the steel steps.

WWE announced that Eva is being treated for a possible dislocation of her elbow. The official statement of WWE read:

“Eva Marie was evaluated after Raw and is being treated for a possible dislocation of her elbow following another brutal attack by Shayna Baszler.”

This marks the second straight week Baszler has put someone on the shelf. She had previously taken out her former tag-team partner Nia Jax last week. Jax is also currently out for “an undisclosed amount of time.”

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