Evander Holyfield Getting Fired By Triller?

Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort was a mess any way that you cut it. Leading up to the fight, we could all clearly see that Evander had no reason to be in the ring as he could be seen in interviews stuttering over words. Either way, Triller and the doctors that went along with Triller let Holyfield step in the ring and we saw what happened. Jake Paul Dating Miley Cyrus Accusation Leaks.



Triller Executive Ryan Kavanaugh spoke in great detail about Evander Holyfield during a recent appearance on ‘The MMA Hour. In conversation with Ariel Helwani, Kavanaugh mentioned that Triller had a three fight deal with Holyfield, which is still in effect. However, Kavanaugh also stated that while he has concerns about Holyfield contining to fight due to his age, he ulimately feels ‘mixed’ on the issue.

With seeing what had went down in the fight, the boxing commission has now stepped in to ensure that we never see this kind of mess happen again.

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman said there is a deep concern for all those boxers who, after years of retirement, are trying to return to the ring.

He clarified that it is not the same to do an exhibition bout as to go through it as a fully-fledged fight. The WBC is taking extra action with different commissions bring awareness and attention to these fights.

The President of the WBC stated: “Today we have to accept it. New generations are approaching boxing, and we must be empathetic and open to changes. But only so long as the integrity and wellbeing of those who fight are not put at risk. Given this very problematic situation, the World Boxing Council will immediately start a campaign. We wish to raise awareness among fighters, promoters, entertainment promotion companies, businessmen, and other people in the industry. So that they understand the dangers of returning great legends to fight, often, long after retirement.”

Special thanks to World Boxing News.

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