Eve Responds To Criticism Of Divas Division, Discusses Working With McMahon

Eve Torres took part in an interview with the Peoria Journal Star promoting tomorrow night’s Raw live event at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois, which she will guest host. She was asked whether she finds working with WWE head Vince McMahon intimidating.



“Vince has always been so hands-on, and that’s why WWE does so well. You hear it straight from the horse’s mouth,” she said. “He teaches us what it means to be a sports entertainer and how to captivate (an audience). He has given me personal feedback. Is it intimidating? Heck, yeah, it is. It’s kind of hard to break the ice with him when you’re first starting here. But eventually you feel a little more comfortable. It’s a family feel, the WWE.

She also responded to criticism that the quality of the Divas division is lacking.

Torres said, “We have to work basically in a man’s world. I definitely, without sounding like I’m complaining, will state that we have it the hardest in the WWE. You don’t see much of us (on TV programming).

“When it comes to the live events, you get to see great Diva matches you don’t see on Monday Night Raw. We have great fun and some awesome, kick-butt matches. There are a lot of liberties we take (during live matches) we can’t take on TV. I’m proud of the Diva division. We’re in a struggling place right now in terms of TV time, (but) I know what each of us are capable of.”

She also reveals which past Diva she most emulates, transitioning from a dancer to WWE, and more. To read the full interview, click here.

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